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Jeremy & Sandrine Moyle welcome you to Le ClosLe Clos is owned by Jeremy and Sandrine Moyle, a Francobritish couple.  When we are not teaching French in the UK, we spend much of our time with our young family staying in Fleury where Sandrine herself spent much of her childhood.

The house, which is believed to date back prior to the French Revolution (indeed we found a Revolution coin in the floor joists!) has been named “Le Clos” after a piece of land which belonged to the house until 1998.

Le Clos was previously owned by the Duval family but had not been occupied since the 1960s.  Following our engagement in 2002, we purchased the house before getting married in Fleury the following summer.  Le Clos is the result of our wish to sympathetically restore and extend the house and furnish it with the best of French and British to provide delightful holiday accommodation!  All visitors to Le Clos feel that we have succeeded and have loved the house and “our part of France” – we look forward to you letting us know what you think!


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